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Category: Respiratory

Product Description:

The ComfortLite 2 is a uniquely designed mask for patients whose comfort dictates compliance.  It offers three interchangeable cushion options and a unique headgear system that leaves no pressure points on the face. 


  • Updated design with three nasal interface offerings -- Pillows Cushion, Simple Cushion, and Direct Seal -- offers patients a more personalized choice for the most comfortable and effective fit
  • New "Halo" headgear keeps straps off the face and relies on the forehead for stability, allowing for a comfortable, reliable seal with no pressure points
  • Verticle adjustment feature allows user to reposition cushion for personalized comfort
  • Newly designed headgear straps are made from a flexible, sleep-friendly fabric and can be configured three ways
  • Improved 360° crown swivel is made of a new, easy-rotating material and is reconfigured to reduce contact with bed pillow
  • This mask is latex-free

Product Features

The ComfortLite 2 is a unique interface which combines the freedom of a nasal pillow device with the comfort and seal of a nasal cushion. 

Here are the highlights:
Three cushion/pillow styles
Flexible, adjustable headgea
rNo pressure points on face
Above the head hose connection

The ComfortLite 2 offers three styles of cushions: Pillows Cushion, Simple Cushion and Direct Seal Cushion. The Pillows Cushion is a nasal pillow design, the Simple Cushion is a smaller, shorter nasal cushion with a narrower edge that even works well with most mustaches. And the Direct Seal Cushion is a rounded design that seals against each nostril without being inserted inside. 

The stability of the ComfortLite 2 comes from the headgear - not from the cushion pressing against the face as with most devices. The headgear is very flexible and adjustable without side straps against the face. And the adjustment assembly at the forehead provides stability for the cushions below and the hose attachment above. This means there are no pressure points against the face. And having the hose attach and swivel at the top of the head keeps it out of the way. 

The improvements to the ComfortLite 2 include a softer, more flexible headgear with three different adjustments, better positioning of the hose connection at the top of the head to remove contact with the pillow and the option of the Pillows Cushion in addition to the original Direct Seal Cushion. 

Respironics packages the ComfortLite 2 with two sizes of either the Direct Seal or the Pillows Cushion, and two sizes of the Simple Cushion. Most people with use the medium size; men will usually buy the medium/large combination and women the medium/small.

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