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Category: Walk Aids

The Walker Carryon is available in two styles a side mount and a front mount. It makes the perfect compliment for every walker. The side mount Walker Carryon has a detachable beverage holder pockets big enough to let you store your personal items. The front mounted carryon also features a detachable beverage container and a spacious storage compartment but also has three pockets that are deep enough to help you store a variety of personal items like cell phones remotes or other items within reach.

The Walker Carryon both the side mount and front mount are equipped with a dual-strap attachment that tightly holds them to the walker frame. They are made of nylon and available in black. Both are covered with a one-year limited warranty.

Secure attachment
The Walker Carryon, both styles, feature a dual-strap attachment which anchors the carryon securely to the walker frame.

Storage pocket
Both styles of the Walker Carryon feature a large storage pocket for storing personal items.

Detachable beverage holder
The beverage holder attaches securely with a snap, so it can be easily removed when not in use. The detachable beverage holder is a feature of the side mount as well as the front mount Walker Carryon.

Easy care
Hand wash using cold water and mild soap, then line dry. NOTE: If you have concerns about allergies or how the recommended cleaning solution may affect your health, please consult with your physician or other healthcare professional before using so he/she can recommended alternatives.

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Product Specifications

  • EZ0030 SIDE MOUNT Dimensions (in) (W x D x H): 15 x 2½ x 14½
  • EZ0030 SIDE MOUNT Pockets: 2
  • EZ0040 FRONT MOUNT Dimensions (in) (W x D x H): 18½ x 1 x17½
  • EZ0040 FRONT MOUNT Pockets: 3
  • Material: Nylon
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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