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9000 SL

The 9000 SL wheelchair is the perfect lightweight wheelchair for those who want quality and durability ...

9000 Topaz

The 9000 Topaz wheelchair is designed specifically to suit the unique and growing needs of the ...

9000 XT Lightweight Wheelchair

The 9000 XT wheelchair is a high performance, low-maintenance and low total lifetime cost product. ...

9000 XT Recliner

Features and Benefits Durable, low-maintenance, triple chrome-plated, carbon steel frame ...

Aluminum Transport Chair

Features and Benefits: Fold down back makes transport and storage easy. Black, padded, ...

Elevated Leg Rests

Complete elevating leg-rest assembly. Includes black padded leg panel and footplate. Select Right, ...

EZ-ACCESSORIES® Universal Tote

The Universal Tote is an opaque pouch capable of storing valuables and personal items out of sight, ...

EZ-ACCESSORIES® Wheelchair Back

Made with opaque, heavy-duty, water-resistant nylon, the Wheelchair Back is perfect for shopping ...

EZ-ACCESSORIES® Wheelchair Oxygen Carrier

Available in single or dual tank capacity, this versatile carrier also features an adjustable snap ...

Iris Manual Tilt Frame

Quickie has developed a dramatic new approach to tilting in space. It's called the Quickie® ...

Power Wheelchair

Rental Price: $350.00

$150.00/week or $350.00/month rental

Quickie Iris Tilt In Space

The Quickie IRIS utilizes a rotational tilt-system.  Instead of tilting the seat frame from ...

Quickie® 2

The Quickie Folding Family features versatile, modular, and lightweight folding wheelchairs with features ...

Quickie® 2 Ultra-Light

For someone who is active this would be perfect for them, Its lightweight easy to travel with and ...

Quickie® Pulse™ Power Wheel Chair

Live Without Limits The Quickie® Pulse™ is a compact, durable power wheelchair that ...

Quickie® Q7™ NextGen

The Quickie® Q7™ combines cutting edge ultra lightweight wheelchair technology, ergonomic ...

Quickie® QM-7 Series Power Wheel Chair

Experience it to believe it! The Quickie® QM-7 Series wheelchairs combine function and luxury for ...


Rental Price: $200.00

$150.00/week or $200.00/month rental

Sunrise Quickie QM-710

The Quickie QM-710, available in three different styles, is a reliable high-performing, stylish power ...

Wheelchair: Lightweight with footplates

Rental Price: $50.00

$30.00/week or $50.00/month rental

Wheelchair: Standard with elevating leg rests

Rental Price: $65.00

$30.00/week or $65.00/month rental

Wheelchair: Standard with footplates

Rental Price: $45.00

$25.00/week or $45.00/month rental

Wheelchair: Transport / Companion Chair

Rental Price: $45.00

$25.00/week or $45.00/month rental

Wheelchair: Xtra Wide 22-24in

Rental Price: $70.00

$40.00/week or $70.00/month rental

Wheelchairs: Lightweight with elevating leg rests

Rental Price: $65.00

$35.00/week or $65.00/month rental

Zippie IRIS™ Manual Pediatric Wheelchair

The Zippie® IRIS™ uses patented rotation-in-space technology for smooth and controlled tilting, ...

Zippie Pediatric Power Wheelchair

Whether it’s navigating around the home or exploring outdoors, Zippie’s range ...

Zippie® Voyage™ Early Intervention Device

The universal Zippie® Voyage™ early intervention device combines Baby Jogger™ ...

Zippie® Zone™ Manual Pediatric Wheelchair

Get in the Zone with the lightest Zippie designed for active kids and teens The Zippie® Zone™ ...