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Disaster Preparedness

Browning’s Pharmacy and Healthcare Disaster Preparedness

We live in a state where hurricanes are a way of life. Hurricane season starts the first of June and continues into November of the same year. What that means is that for 6 months out of each year, we all must be prepared in case a hurricane threatens. Your continued good health is our concern and your needs depend on Browning’s during a hurricane more than ever.

Please have on hand at least one week’s worth of medical supplies to supplement in case of a disaster. Many of these medical supplies are available at Browning’s for purchase.

For our oxygen patients, Browning’s will provide one additional oxygen tank (total of 2 tanks per oxygen patient) for evacuation purposes. This will give a tank for both directions of your trip. These tanks will be available for pick-up from Browning’s only.

Should your needs require additional tanks above what we can provide for you, Browning’s has oxygen tanks for purchase. Oxygen tanks should be purchased before the start of hurricane season; otherwise, oxygen tanks may not be available during the hurricane warning. Privately owned oxygen tanks should be filled at least 48 hours prior to the hurricane.

Concentrators should be brought with you when evacuating for electrical hook-up. Please check with the Brevard County Emergency Operations Center in the event of going to a shelter if your concentrator is needed. That phone number is (321) 633-1770.

During the hurricane watch or warning, our delivery service will not be moving or picking up equipment for purpose of evacuation. When renting equipment your responsibility is to safely store the equipment to protect it for future use.

During a Hurricane Watch, if you’re unsure of your selected shelter destination/option, please feel free to contact the Brevard County Emergency Office at (321) 633-1770 or find them on the web at Brevard County Emergency Management. 

You can contact Browning’s after normal business hours and on weekends by calling (321) 725-6320. Our answering service will take your message and they will contact our on-call staff. We will return your phone call as soon as possible.

Special Needs Registration

The Brevard County Special Needs Program is a space-limited program for which people with specific health and medical conditions can register, providing sheltering and transportation with the resources available in Brevard County.

The Special Needs Registry is a confidential listing of those people who meet program criteria and is updated on an annual basis. Patients with colostomy assistance needs, nebulizers, oxygen, feeding tubes, or Alzheimer’s disease are examples of medical criteria that are eligible for the registry.

While the Office of Emergency Management recommends sheltering with friends or family members, public shelters are available for those who do not have other alternatives.

Individuals who elect to use a Special Needs or other public shelters should bring with them items such as cots, bedding, medicine, medical supplies, and food supplies, preparing to be self-sufficient for 72 hours. The community pages of the telephone book provide lists of recommended items to take to a shelter. Special Needs registrants should also be accompanied by at least one caregiver.

Most shelters are located in public schools and offer neither privacy nor luxuries. Occupants’ comfort will be determined by their preparedness. For more information, call (321) 637-6670.

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