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Category: Beds and Accessories

The newest therapeutic solution for the superior skin protection you expect from ROHO®.

The ROHO® SOFFLEX® 2 Mattress Replacement System is a superior skin protection
support surface for different care settings, costing less than leading powered mattress
systems. Utilizing ROHO’s Shape Fitting Technology®, SOFFLEX 2 Mattress System’s
interconnected air cell sections may be adjusted separately to match the individual’s
shape, thus providing overall skin and soft tissue protection.

  • ROHO’s Shape Fitting Technology redistributes forces that can cause peak pressures, shear
    and friction. The SOFFLEX 2 Mattress is effective for comfort, skin/soft tissue protection
    and treatment.
  • Adjustable – Three sections create a multi-zoned support surface for an individualized fit.
    The side inflation ports allow for easy, quick access to adjusting each section.
  • Fits most bed frames including existing home, hospital or care facility bed frames that are
    80” to 84” (203cm to 213cm) in length and 36" (91.5 cm) up to 48" (122 cm) wide.
  • Cost-effective and energy-efficient. The SOFFLEX 2 Mattress is non-powered, reusable and
    costs significantly less than powered mattress systems.
  • Lightweight! The SOFFLEX 2 Mattress weighs only 28 lbs. (12.7 kg) based on 36" x 80" (91.5 cm x 203 cm) size.
    Easy to transport and handle during set up and adjustment.
  • Cover is fluid-resistant and flame-resistant. The cover's top material can be cleaned and disinfected.
For people who:
  • Are at risk of developing pressure ulcers and/ or tissue injury or who currently have skin/soft tissue breakdown.
  • Have any stage pressure ulcer, skin grafts or recent myocutaneous flap surgery.
  • Need comfort.
  • Need a mattress that provides an individualized fit.

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Product Specifications

  • Product Number: 81
  • Size: 80" D x 36" W x 8.5" H
  • Mattress Systems Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Cover Warranty: 18 Month Warranty

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