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Our Services

Wheelchair Repair by Seating and Mobility Specialist

Every wheelchair and piece of mobility equipment, no matter the cost or where you get it, will need repair or maintenance. When you need repair services, the seating and mobility specialists at Browning’s are certified NRRTS members, RESNA credentialed ATP, SMS, or in training under the direction of one of the above.

Each of Browning’s locations is a MED Certified Repair Center (CRC). MED Certified repair technicians receive continuing education and are available to provide technical support and services in all aspects of wheelchair repair.

We also are proud members of the National Coalition of Assistive and Rehab Technology and are working with our elected representatives to create a separate benefits category for complex Rehab Equipment. Visit their site for important legislation and learn the latest information from Washington D.C. about Medicare and Medicaid issues.

Browning’s Offers Wheelchair Seating Evaluations

The seating specialists at Browning’s understand the importance of proper wheelchair seating for the comfort and health of wheelchair user. Our seating specialists work with clinicians and physicians to provide comprehensive evaluations and recommendations for custom and complex rehabilitation equipment to prevent problems.

Browning’s nationally certified Assistive Technology Professionals and Seating and Mobility Specialists follow the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics established by the National Registry of Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers.

We Offer Service Long After the Sale

Browning’s Pharmacy and Health Care provides value-added services after the sale. If you are a Browning’s customer, you get equipment delivery and set-up, patient education and training regarding their specific medical equipment, 24-hour emergency assistance, home evaluations and a certified repair center at each location. We take care of you!

Ongoing Equipment Education and Follow-Up Services 

Browning’s believes in education and staying current in the latest industry innovations. That’s why we partner with national manufacturers to offer Continuing Education Units/CEU seminars for clinicians on a variety of topics. It is our goal to bring education to area clinicians and our patients on a variety of topics so our customers get the right care and equipment.

Our Customer Services Include:

  • Evaluation of client's home and business for wheelchair accessibility
  • Time and labor involved with trial fittings and product sampling
  • Pressure mapping for proper seating system
  • Billing of primary or secondary payer insurances and Medicare
  • Reworking of denied claims
  • We prepare compliance reports for doctors and insurance companies
  • Product and technology training for physicians and therapists
  • Assistance with arranging for patient travel to and from the area
  • Cleaning of equipment
  • Respiratory health education to seniors in assisted living centers
  • Labor to build or assemble and test sophisticated mobility equipment
  • Instruction on equipment operation and safety to client, family and caregiver
  • Provide oxygen conserving devices for client's ease of portability of O2

Training Videos:


How can Browning’s Pharmacy and Health Care serve you today? Visit the Browning’s online catalog to see more products and what we offer.