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AirSep Battery Airbelt

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The AirSep Airbelt provides extra battery life to the Focus or Freestyle. It was designed with function and fashion in mind for those who want to extra battery power for their AirSep concentrator. The AirBelt is lightweight and features an adjustable waist strap that will fit around almost anyone’s waist. The AirBelt can provide up to 3.5 hours of extra battery life. Product Features:Extends battery life of the Airsep Focus and Freestyle an additional four hours between rechargesProvides additional battery life for outdoor and all-day eventsBelt that comfortably fits around the waist with adjustable clip strap for all sizesPower Gauge Indicator: 100%, 75%, 50,% 25%Lightweight and fashionableProduct Dimensions:Airbelt: 11" Wide x 3" Long x 3" HighInlet Cord: 2 feetPower Supply: 3" Wide x 5" Long x 1" HighOutlet Cord: 5 feetPower Cord: 6 feetWeight:1.8 pounds

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